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As we journey along the path of self-discovery, we encounter many obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles lead us on a new path, other times they lead us a stray. And down these dark dead-ends we face mighty challenges.

Sometimes turning around is the hardest thing we must face. Especially if that face is your own. The many masks that we cover ourselves in become the very obstacle in which we wear. Weighing us down on our journey. Each layer a result of something unfavorable. The pains, the misfortunes and laughter clings onto us, and suddenly the fresh fruits of our innocence and intentions wrinkle and rot. And there we are, alone in a corner, forgetting how we got there. The road no longer runs smooth, but is jagged and cracked by the weight and worry of what we have become.

The key is in knowing that there is a storm in the sleepiest of seasons. One must let go of these stains, peel off the masks that blind us and realize that even an apple must let go of the tree from which it hangs before it can become a tree itself.

Written impromptu during a meet up with other writers. We rolled image die and from their we had 15 minutes to come up with a short story.

By ScoutWithinMe, February 7, 2017
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