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In The Beginning

Fun fact:
If you took the history of the Earth and condensed it into 24 hours, humans have only been around for 3 seconds.

Yet in that short amount of space, we have rapidly changed the way in which the world looks and functions. We have colonized every habitable piece of land. We have reshaped natural landscapes into urban metropolises. We have exploited natural resources at an unsustainable rate, herded and hunted animals to points of extinction, and wasted precious time and human lives on self-destruction and warfare.

Urban Sprawl in Markham City, USA

We are exhausting precious resources on material things that add no value to our lives. At most, we get a short burst of satisfaction from something materialistic, and thereafter it goes obsolete and is discarded.

This video highlights some of the most shocking damages caused by humanity.

By Scout Within Me, January 4, 2017 For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.

Scout Within Me

For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.


The Mountains Are Calling

This right here is your ticket. You in?
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