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Getting Back Up

There are moments in life that knock the wind out of you. The type that blindsides you when you least expect it. And we fall down. Tumble deep into a pit of confusion and hurt.

Why did it happen to me? How did it come to this?

Be it the loss of a family member or pet, getting fired from a job, or breaking up with your significant other, they all carry an emotional weight and affect us. It is a wound us as men often cover up and pretend to brush it off like a scratch. But it bleeds, badly.

Life as it is on its own is difficult enough. But this, it blows us even further off track. One feels alone, lost and wasted. The thought of never seeing that person again, the memories clouding our mind. Suddenly we are haunted by questions, what ifs and regret. We blame ourselves.

I, myself, am fighting a broken heart. It plagues my every thought. I was so unprepared.

Which is ironic, because the very motto I live by is “Be Prepared”.

For most of my life (twelve years) I had been a boy scout. I had religiously practiced those words. Yet, despite all I had learnt about being a man; from starting a fire without a lighter, to finding your way home by the stars, it never did prepare me for this.

However, those years of training, taught me character. It taught me self-discipline and strength. The values I gained have provided comfort and support in times like these. It reminds me of who I am, and that, although I may never have had to face something like this before, that I can get back up, and carry on.

Quote from Batman - Why Do We Fall

Be strong brothers. Life is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do. But no matter how badly you fall, be prepared to pick yourself up.

By Scout Within Me, January 12, 2017 For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.

Scout Within Me

For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.


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