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Why all men should read literature

Many men say that reading is for women. Since when? In the 19th century and earlier, it was a man’s activity, and you had to be educated and literate to be able to do it. It’s important to be able to read for obvious reasons, but it goes beyond that. Reading is good for you! Here are some reasons why.


Reading is a great source of information and knowledge. You can learn facts, whether from history, science, do-it-yourself, or business. You can gain an advantage over other people with this knowledge, and be able to succeed in those subjects and more.


Not only do you learn facts, but you learn new words, too! And that expanded vocabulary makes you sound better. You can sound more educated, more eloquent, and simply smarter. This is important, especially in business. You become a far better speaker. You also become a better writer. Got that important email to send to a client? It better sound good!

Head down to the library and pick up some novels – @unsplash


Reading fiction is often considered useless by men. But what it does is introduce different ways of thinking. When reading fiction, you can discover how other people think, expanding your mind. It gives you the ability to understand other people and the reasons for how they act. This allows you to be able to adapt to different personality types and makes you better at making that business deal, leading a team, or even in romance.

Mental Health

After a stressful day, it’s important to be able to unwind and shed that stress. Reading is one of the best ways to relax and to help you forget about a bad day. Reading takes you somewhere else, lets you live as another person in some other time and place. You’ll become a calmer person, and perhaps a more approachable manager, spouse, or parent.


This is an obvious one. People read for fun. They read to have a good time. Reading comics, travel magazines, exciting novels, and your favourite do-it-yourself projects are just some things you can read and enjoy. Some people enjoy watching movies. Well, reading a book allows you to become the director, costume designer, and set designer, and the special effects are amazing. It’s better than a movie!

Becoming Successful

According to Business Insider, some of the most successful businesspeople are also some of the biggest readers. Bill Gates reads a new book every week. Elon Musk read many hours a day before becoming the person he is today. Warren Buffett reads several newspapers every day coming through the financial sections. Reading isn’t just fiction, men. It’s also the news, finance, engineering, and business. These are all very important subjects to know if you are going to be successful.

Reading makes you a better person. It improves your mind, spruces up your vocabulary, improves your attitude, and has the potential to make you a very successful person. You may even enjoy it.

By Scout Within Me, July 13, 2019 For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.

Scout Within Me

For boy scouts, gentlemen, and wanderers. All are welcome.


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