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Our Story

The Scout Within Me is a work in progress. We have big dreams to become a popular digital magazine for men around the world. Whether you’re a boy becoming a man, a graduating lad, a labouring man, an exploring seafarer, a retiring gentleman, this is a resource to all.


Where it began…

Way back in 1908, a gentleman fighting in the Boer War decided to publish a book that would help young boys better equip themselves to all that life might throw at them. That book was titled ‘Scouting for Boys’ and was a mantra and key figure in my upbringing.

At the young age of 6, I was enrolled in the Scout Association. There I was exposed to the wonderfully vivid world of adventure, chivalry, courageousness and the wild. I was taught about camping, first aid, pioneering, orienteering, survival and leadership.

Those experiences were life-changing, and I realised that what I had read, seen, and participated in was more than the common man. My peers, even now as an adult, had not lit a fire, bandaged up a broken arm, camped under the stars, plucked a chicken, orientated a map, volunteered in their community, and endless more essential life skills that they missed out on.

The Mountains Are Calling

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